Why a Certified Tax Coach?

Certified Tax Coach

The U.S. tax code is 67,204 pages long. There are purportedly 1,638 different tax forms, and the IRS estimates that the average taxpayer needs 37 to 80 hours of time to prepare his or her taxes each year, depending on the complexity of each individual’s situation (Scott Simon, www.npr.org). And if you make more money than the average person, the complexity increases dramatically. Perhaps that is why there are currently about one million professional tax preparers in the U.S. (ww.irs.gov).

Most professional tax preparers serve as “number crunchers” for individuals and business owners who feel overwhelmed by the 67,204 pages of U.S. tax code. Yet, by solely focusing on compliance methods, many tax professionals miss opportunities to save their clients money. In fact, the United States Government Accountability Office says that taxpayers overpay $1 billion per year due to missed tax reduction opportunities. To save clients from overpaying, proactive tax planners focus on year-round strategic planning methods and engage their clients in the tax process. By capitalizing on the wealth of tax-saving resources in the U.S. tax code, proactive tax planners help their clients pay less tax in April.

Highly Trained in Tax Planning

Certified Tax Coach Planners are tax professionals with advanced training in proactive tax planning, who specialize in finding deductions, credits, loopholes, and strategies to help their clients pay less tax. This elite network of tax professionals includes Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), Enrolled Agents (EAs), and attorneys. There are fewer than 700 skilled professionals in 50 states who have achieved this specialized designation.