Tax Preparation Done Right

Tax preparation done right

Does just the thought of the next tax deadline make you break out in a cold sweat? Many people are apprehensive about tax time and with good reason. Small business owners across the United States get hit with high taxes every year that consume business income and diminish your wealth, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The path to a better tax return starts long before year-end. Timothy C Wolfe PC can show you how and why. We work with successful business owners and individuals like you to create personalized solutions for reducing your tax burden and your stress level so you don’t have to fear tax time. Our process begins with a tax plan that's designed around your unique financial situation.

Tax Planning Comes First

Skilled tax preparation is important but tax planning must come first. Long before it’s time to prepare your tax filings, we’ll create a customized Tax Strategy that’s just for you. We gather information from you about your homes, businesses, investments, and past tax returns and use it to identify specific strategies to limit your taxes. Your plan will include uncovering federal and state tax credits, deductions, and loopholes that most accountants miss becuase they aren't trained to identify tax saving opportunities. And neither is the average taxpayer. The results are BIG tax savings when we prepare your tax return at year-end. And, it's not unusual to find correctable errors from prior returns where thousands of overpaid tax dollars can be recovered.

Tax Return Preparation Services

Why work with a Certified Tax Coach? While our focus is on tax minimization through tax planning, we all to often see tax returns that are filed with significant errors and oversights. We would love to have the opportunity to prepare your current tax returns as well as offering a free review of your past three business and personal tax returns.

Contact us now to find out how we can create a plan to reduce your taxes long before tax preparation time. Call 847-818-0400 or request online a no-cost Discovery session. As a thank you for scheduling your discovery session, you'll receive our complimentary book, Writeoffs to the Rescue*.