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You may have been overpaying your income taxes?

Get A Free Tax Review

The Offer: A Free Review of Your Past 3 Business and/or Personal Tax Returns

Why Consider the Offer? To find out if you’ve overpaid your income taxes! You, or your preparer, may have made a math error, missed deductions or credits, or misapplied tax rules.

Why accept the offer? Peace of mind! Regardless of whether you’ve already decided to switch your tax preparer, you want professional advice, want year round accessibility, or need new ideas.

How does the offer work?
1. Call or text 847.818.0400 or email tim@afreetaxreview.com to begin the process.
2. Provide me with the personal and/or business returns you would like reviewed.
3. Amend your return(s), as appropriate.
4. Schedule a phone or in person appointment to review my findings.
How often are returns amended? I have found that about 1 in 3 people have overpaid their income taxes and will want to file for a refund.

How much is an average refund? That is impossible to say. But it is not unusual for refunds of several hundred to several thousands of dollars.

Are there situations more prone to errors,oversights and misapplication of tax rules?
Yes. Rental real estate, self-employed individuals,education credits, and penalties on early withdrawals of IRAs.
Check whichever statement(s) apply.

"Tim Wolfe Rocks! After 15 years, three start up companies and a move from Illinois to Connecticut, Tim Wolfe is still taking care of all my tax return and business related tax matters, including those pertaining to the State’s of Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. I could not be happier with Tim’s level of service, dedication and commitment. Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions or concerns.”
-Tom Shanley, Fairfield, CT